ITFA Internship

Excellent opportunity to learn about the tea industry


The International tea farms alliance is a Non-profit organization based in Japan, which seeks to create visibility for tea farmers throughout the world. We unite small tea farms in a hope to create a global forum for discussion and cooperative learning. We want our farmers to get the most out of the crops they work so hard producing.

ITFA also looks for ways to unite our farmers with tea lovers from around the world. This is why we’ve created this internship, it’s an opportunity for people to become involved with with world-wide tea industry.

If you’re interested learning about tea and would like to experience life on a tea farm, whether it’s working in the fields or helping promote the farm then we can help you. We want to use our connections to help students and those seeking work experience get into contact with tea farmers around the world. Anyone passionate about tea is welcome to apply!

Why become an Intern?

  • It is valuable insight into the tea industry, from those who dedicate their life to it.
  • You gain connections to tea farmers throughout the world.
  • It is a beneficial and life-enriching experience.
  • On location job training – learn about tea, surrounded by tea!
  • Comprehensive orientation and general training sessions plus any specialized training for specific jobs to be determined as necessary.
  • Opportunities for professional development and social interaction with company employees.
  • An opportunity to learn about tea culture, social business, and the international tea market.
  • Valuable experience living in an new environment.

Available Farms:

Obubu Tea Plantations – Kyoto, Japan

Contact us:

If you want to complete an internship with one of our farms then email to the address below and specify where you want to go, along with your CV.

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