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ITFA’s mission is to help create greater visibility for farmers and we believe that the ‘Global Tea Ambassador’ programme is a great way for this happen. Interns are essentially volunteers, who want to learn about the tea industry. We’re asking for farmers to accept interns to educate them about tea farming, while they work for you.

We believe that the ‘Global Tea Ambassador’ programme will be an incredibly worthwhile experience for both the intern and the farmer. Here is one testimonial of an Intern who worked in Wazuka, Japan for Obubu Tea Plantations:

Elyse Petersen – Intern

“Doing my internship with Obubu was one of my best experiences in my life. It not only exposed to the way business is done in Japan it also showed me the amazing culture of tea. I highly recommend this kind of experience for anyone that is interested in learning more about tea and the rich culture behind it. No certification process or class can give you the hands on experience you gain from working side-by-side with a tea farmer. And believe it or not, they value your contribution and make you feel that you are an important part of what they are offering to the world.”

Yasuharu Matsumoto – Obubu Tea Plantations

“Hosting an intern creates an international atmosphere, helping us communicate to a greater audience about our activities in English. In Japan our community quickly noticed our international open mindset and the mass media were interested in focusing on us because it is rare to host an Intern in such a  rural location. Hosting an intern does not only help promote your farm within your country but also internationally, as when the intern returns to their home nation they will continue to spread their knowledge and experiences.”

Why accept an Intern?

  • Help educated the world about your farm and how tea is produced.
  • They can help you promote your tea farm to the English speaking world.
  • You can use them to connect your farm through social media.
  • Valuable cultural experience.
  • Interns can provide a variety of skills, such as photography, translation, website management.
  • Interns may want to learn about the agriculture and help with the farming.
  • Unique opportunity to share your knowledge with the world

How does it work?

If you’re interested in hosting interns, we will add you to a list of willing farms.

When a student gets in contact with the ITFA we will then help them get into contact with a farm, from their desired country.

Then a dialogue will open between the farm and the intern, and you can discuss the terms and conditions of the internship.

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