Tea Hawaii & Company

Tea Hawaii & Company

Farm Website: teahawaii.com
Facebook: Tea Hawaii on Facebook
Farmer / President: Eva Lee
Contact email: teahawaii@gmail.com
Farm Address:
Tea Hawaii & Company, PO Box 362, Volcano Village, Hawaii

Farm Phone No.: +1-808-967-7637
Languages: English


Video: “Hawaii-Grown Tea: An Interview with Tea Farmer Eva Lee” by @samovarlife

Farm Information

Established: 2006
Altitude: 900 – 4000 feet
Employees: 2 employees, 5 farmers represented
Do you accept visitors to your farm? Yes.

Message to the World
Tea Hawaii & Company (THC) is located at the summit of Kilauea Volcano in a town called Volcano Village on Hawaii Island. In a temperate rain forest under a canopy of endemic plant species their tea farming is providing America’s first shade grown tea. THC also processes and showcases a collection of single estate teas from Hawaii tea growers statewide. The rare specialty teas featured at the World Tea Expo 2011 are Forest White, Ola’a Green, Mauka Oolong and Makai Black grown at elevations from 900 – 4000 feet. Each of these teas are harvested and processed by hand and are a unique representation of Hawaii.

For the past twelve years Hawaii has been developing a tea industry that has received assistance from researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR), and support from Hawaii Department of Agriculture, Hawaii County Office of Research and Development and the Big Island Resource Conservation & Development Council and NRCS. These collaborations have enabled Hawaii to create a sustainable domestic specialty crop for global distribution.

Founding directors of Tea Hawaii & Company are Eva Lee and Chiu Leong. Both have extensive professional background in the arts that enable them to infuse a traditional and contemporary approach in the servicing of Hawaii grown tea. All aspects of tea production and business are based in this foundation of artistic integrity creating business practices that form strong relations in global tea.

Product Information

What types of tea do you grow/process?
Black tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea

Do you ship directly to individual customers?
Yes. Please visit our site to shop: teahawaii.com/shop

Are you looking for distributors? Retail partners? Yes.