Shang Tea

Shang Tea

Farm Website:
Farmer / President: Zehua Shang
Contact email:
Farm Address:
Taimu Mountain Fujian Province, China.
U.S. Store Address
2450 Grand Blvd #313
Kansas City, MO 64108
Store Phone No.: 816-421-2588
Store FAX No.: 816-421-2588
Languages: English, Chinese

Farm Information

When were you established?
What altitude are your fields at?
2700 ft
What certifications do you have? (ISO, organic, etc.)
100% USDA Organic
How many members do you have?
How many members are farm workers?
How many members are part-time/contractors?
What is the minimum wage your workers earn?
How many acres/fields do you have?
20 acres
Do you accept visitors to your farm?
Yes, please email us at to arrange a visit.

Message to the world
All of our tea comes from our own 20 acre tea garden in the Fujian Province, China. We specialize in true white tea coming from the original white tea cultivars that only grow in Fujian. We strive to provide the highest quality, organic tea that we possibly can and we are continually working to improve the quality and taste of our tea. Please take a look at our website and contact us if you have any questions about our tea garden or teas!

Product Information

What type of tea do you grow/process?
We specialize in true white tea and process most of our tea with these white tea leaves including our wu-long, and red teas. In addition we also produce a small amount of green tea.
Do you grow organic tea? Would you like to explain more?
Yes, our tea garden is certified 100% USDA organic, so all of our pure white, green, wu-long, and red teas are completely organic. Since we get our flowers such as Jasmine from other farms that have not received certification yet, they are not certified organic, but are still grown according to the highest standards.
Tell us more about your tea products

Do you ship directly to individual customers?
Yes we ship directly to customers.
Are you looking for distributors? Retail partners?
Yes, please contact us for more information.