PT Harendong Green Farm

PT Harendong Green Farm

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Farmer / President: Dr.-Ing. Alexander Halim
Contact email:
Farm Address:
PT Harendong Green Farm
Gading Mediterania Residences, Blok RK-33/G
Kelapa Gading Barat
Farm Phone No.: +62-21-30042065
Languages: english, deutsch, indonesia

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Farm Information

When were you established?

How many members do you have?
About 150

How many members are farm workers?
About 150

How many members are part-time/contractors?

What is the minimum wage your workers earn?

How many acres/fields do you have?
We have about 200ha, but up to now we have 50ha planted with oolong tea plants
Do you accept visitors to your farm?
Yes. (Application form coming soon)

Message to the world

Product Information

What type of tea do you grow/process?

Do you grow organic tea? Would you like to explain more?
Yes, we grow and process only organic oolong tea. We have been certified by IMO for our organic tea.

Tell us more about your tea products

Do you ship directly to individual customers?

Are you looking for distributors? Retail partners?
yes, we are looking for distributors and retail partners