Gopaldhara Tea Estate

Gopaldhara Tea Estate

Farm Website:
Farmer / President: Hrishikesh Saria
Contact email:
Contact person: Hrishikesh Saria
Farm Address (Google Map):
Gopaldhara Tea Co Pvt. Ltd,
Arjun Enclace, C & E Block, 1st Floor,
Siliguri Tea Auction Road,
Green Park Colony,
Siliguri, West Bengal
Pin – 734003
Farm Phone No.: 0353-2510831, 0353-2510832, 0353-2510834
Farm FAX No.: 0353-2510833
Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali


Farm Information

When were you established? 1881

What altitude are your fields at?
Gopaldhara, located in Mirik Valley, is one of the highest tea estates in Darjeeing. • Farm altitude and fields at 3000 ft & 7000 ft.

What certifications do you have? (ISO, organic, etc.) No.

How many members do you have? 428

How many members are farm workers? 5

How many members are part-time/contractors?

What is the minimum wage your workers earn?
90 INR per day excluding any form of social benefits and social schemes.

How many acres/fields do you have?
Total garden area 320 Hectares. Out of 320 Hectares, 172 Hectares has been planted with tea bushes.

Do you accept visitors to your farm? Yes

Message to the world
We serve the nation with best quality & flavors of Darjeeling Tea. We practice rational farming and manufacture White, Green, Olong and Black Tea.

Product Information

What type of tea do you grow/process?
White, Green, Oolong, Black, specially like Peony Rosette & Pearl Tea.

Do you grow organic tea? Would you like to explain more?

Tell us more about your tea products

  • Black teas:
    • First Flush Black: After a period of dormancy in winter months, in March and April the bushes offer delicate new shoots which provide a grey-green glazed leaf appearance, light clear liquor, with fresh bright and lively character and a pleasant hint of mild astringency to the palate. The infused leaf has prominent lime greenish brightness and a floral scent.
    • Second Flush Black: From May inward the framed Darjeeling Summer teas are produced. The succulent leaves result in a very attractive tea with a purplish bloom and a sprinkling of silvery tips (buds). The liquor characteristics show a change, tasting round, mellow, mature, sometimes with pronounced muscatel flavor and more color in the cup than in spring, the infuse leaf turns into a bright copper/purple color, expressing a rich and full bodied aroma. Like, Enigma, Gold Wire, Wonder Gold.
    • Autumn Flush Black: Autumn quality makes its presence felt during the months of October and November. The appearance of the tea takes on a light copper/brownish tinge and liquors have a delicate yet sparkling character, a delightful flavor distinct from both spring and summer teas. The infused leaf has a coppery gold brightness with a sweet, fresh nose.
  • Green Tea: Natural Secret for healthy life. Gopaldhara has been planted with special green tea clones which have very less tannin content in them. The teas made from these bushes taste smooth and sweet, with pronounced vegetable flavor. They aren’t bitter unlike their counterparts from the district.
    • In this section we have two grades: Emerald – Bold Open Sounchong Leaf & Green Thunderbolt.
  • White Tea: Darjeeling white tea is made by during the selected buds. The minimal processing result in a light liquor with excellent flavor. Significant qualities of flavor is present in the buds when compared to the other parts of the leaf which is what sets up Silver Needles a class apart.
    • White tea is rich in Catechins; catechins are liked to evidence of fighting tumor as well as enhancing the immune system, due to their polyphenol antioxidant character. White Tea Fanning’s are also available which are suitable for tea bags. They are however made from two leafs and a bud unlike silver needles.
    • It takes almost 80 pluckers to pluck 1 kg. of Silver Needles which makes it vary rare and unique.
  • Handcrafted Specials: Our flower tea is made from pure buds picked from the choicest selected sections of the garden. The buds are then carefully crafted into a flower making sure that they do not break during the process. Making flower tea requires a lot of skill and it always done by the watchful eye of the manager. The content of liquor and flavor properties is very high in the buds, because of which the flowers can be brewed multiple times. Each flower can be brewed 3-4 times and if you have a group of 4-6 people brew two flowers in a pot for five minutes. Each person should at least get 2 cups and little more.
    • Peony Rosette: Master craftsmen weave tender buds to a rose flower. Savour the sweet mesmerizing aroma along with the intricate smooth taste.
    • Stupa Tea: Young tea buds are woven by skilled womenfolk into a temple of meditation. Glide into nirvana as the Stupa tickles your test buds.
    • Olympic Flame: A designer tea specially crafted for the Olympics. It is in the shape of the Olympic torch.

Do you ship directly to individual customers? Yes

Are you looking for distributors? Retail partners? Yes