Goe Tea

古亦茶葉 (Goe Tea)

Farm Website: www.goetea.com (Chinese only) Farmer’s Blog: www.goetea.com/wordpress (Chinese only) Farmer’s Twitter: twitter.com/goetea Farmer / President:林應周

Contact Email: goalfre@gmail.com Contact Person: Farm Address (Google Maps): 557 南投縣竹山鎮延正路74-2號 Farm Phone No.: 0922-298844 Farm FAX No.: 0922-298844 Languages: English, Chinese

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Farm Information

When were you established? What altitude are your fields at? 100 meters What certifications do you have? (ISO, organic, etc.)How many members do you have? How many members are farm workers? How many members are part-time/contractors? What is the minimum wage your workers earn? How many acres/fields do you have? Very large. Do you accept visitors to your farm? Yes. (ITFA application coming soon.)