1. Does the International Tea farms alliance arrange everything for me?

No. We help you get into contact with farmers, but then arrangements are between you and the farmer you wish to intern with. You will also be expected to arrange your own transportation to and from the country.

2. Do I need to speak the native language?

This depends on where you go, some of our farmers speak English: a few farms in Japan, Indonesian, Sri Lanka and India. However, many of our farmers do not; you will need to speak the native language to communicate with your colleagues. These are great opportunities to improve your language skills and perhaps help the farmers with translations.

3. Can I complete an Internship as part of my University programme?

Possibly, but you will need to speak with your University for approval. Some of our farms in Japan have worked with students enrolled with the Japan-America Institute of Management Sciences (JAIMS).

4. Will I be given accommodation?

This also depends on where you go, some farmers may offer you somewhere to stay for free, while others will help you find somewhere to rent. You will have to discuss this with the farm.

5. Will I be paid?

Again, this is something you need to clarify with the farm you wish to work with. Usually you will not be, you will be working as a volunteer. However, you will be gaining valuable experiences for future employment.

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