Photos from the World Tea Expo

Photos from the World Tea Expo.

The farmers were stunned by the amount of attention they received from WTE attendees, and have also received quite a bit of attention back home for their efforts to reach out to the world!

Great job everyone!

Departing for the World Tea Expo – Photos

Five farmers from four farms and their interpreter/staff have set off from Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport for their journey to the World Tea Expo ( in Las Vegas. For three of the farmers, it will be their very first visit to the United States.

There was even reporters from a documentary show there to interview the farmers!

They are excited, and a little nervous, but very hopeful that they can get their message across to the retailers and consumers attending the expo!!

ITFA is going to the World Tea Expo!

World Tea Expo

Yes! The International Tea Farms Alliance is going to the World Tea Expo (!!

We can hardly believe it… 6000+ of the North America’s tea business owners and influencers will get the chance to meet four tea farmers from Japan at booth 708 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 24-26.

In addition to this booth, other tea farmers will be attending in their own booths:

We hope to expand our network for current and future farmers, building relationships and connections between the North American tea industry and market. For Obubu‘s Yasuharu Matsumoto, the trip to America will not be a first, but for many of the other farmers, it will be a brave step into a new world for both themselves and their tea leaves. Good tea, great tea, is still a new and growing market in this biggest of markets, and we want to make sure the tea farmers willing to connect with the individual drinking their tea are able to sip from such sweet tea.

Stay tuned for more!