Tea Master Experience

Global Tea Party Course


A unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge of tea with an experienced tea master who wants to share his experience and love for Japanese Green Tea through experiential lectures and tea tastings.

Learn about tea! We want to arrange help you arrange a workshop based around the discovery of Japanese tea. Our tea master, Yasuharu Matsumoto, is passionate about tea and wants to educate you through seminars and experiences. Whether you are a beginner in the tea business or simply love tea, we want to invite you to take part in our course and gain the kind of information that will improve your relationship with this wonderful beverage.

ITFA will:

–       Provide classes on any tea related subject

  • History
  • Culture
  • Production
  • Tea & Health

–       Introduce you into the world of Japanese Green tea with a tea tasting party. Your host will advance your training through a hands-on approach with:

  • Tea Brewing Techniques Talk
  • Tasting and Explanation of all the Japanese tea styles
    • Sencha
    • Shincha
    • Bancha
    • Houjicha
    • Genmaicha
    • Matcha

–       And any other tea events you want to organize with our help!

We can make these workshops for your community, company or school. We can do multiple seminars and tastings if arranged prior to arrival.

Schedule and Fee’s


ITFA wants to make this opportunity as affordable as possible. As such, we require no payment for the workshops themselves are free to attend for everyone. We do require a definitive number of participants for the tea tastings, as we need to determine how much tea to bring.

All we ask in return for our service is a basic, economy class flight to your destination, and accommodations for our tea master (this can be in the organizers home, hotel or motel)

We will also provide Skype lectures.

If you are interested in these unique tea training events, please send us an email at:


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