World Tea Farms Festival Attendee Survey

At the Inaugural World Tea Farms Festival we presented teas and tea culture items from around Japan and the world. Attendees of the event were given a tea cup and encouraged to explore the various booths. Upon existing the booth area each person was given four stickers colored red, blue, yellow, and green. They then placed these stickers on our voting board the booths that they thought they liked the most, was the most cool, was the most interesting, and was the most addictive. By the end of the event our voting board was filled up with multi-colored dots and some of the more popular booths forced us to create more space for stickers by adding more paper. We finally finished counting all the dots and here are the results that we found.

Most Liked

#1 Wazuka Tea (109 votes)

#2 Dignitea Garden Taiwan Tea (84 votes)

#3 Japanese Tea Ceremony (67 votes)

Most Cool

#1 Wazuka Tea (23 votes)

#2 Lochan Darjeeling Tea (22 votes)

#3 Japanese Tea Ceremony (20 votes)

Most Interesting

#1 Nepal Butter Tea (51 votes)

#2 Sparkling Tea (44 votes)

#3 Hawaii Grown Tea (19 votes)

Most Addictive

#1 Sayama Tea (42 votes)

#2 Dignitea Gardens Taiwan Tea (39 votes)

#3 Sparkling Tea (34 votes)


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