Tea Brings Us Together

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to all our new tea friends we made at the Inaugural World Tea Farms Festival in Wazuka. Tea farmers from Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Korea, and all over Japan joined us to make friends over a cup of tea. There were laughing children, friendly dogs, tea-inspired food, and so much love in the environment. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better crowd. For those of you that joined us, we hope you enjoyed and for those that could not we look forward to making more events just like this. Our ultimate goal is to spread these meet”tea”ings all around the world so we can connect over tea and find world peace.

Links for the event:
BLOG  (Japanese)
BLOG  (Japanese)

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    1. Hi Allison,

      For ITFA blog posts, yes…but please leave the link in a comment so that we know where it is being posted. For individual farms, you will need to contact each individually.

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