World Tea Farms Festival


 2-Day Festival of a Thousand Tea Farmers and Tea Lovers

All-You-Can-Drink from around the world

India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan (Wazuka, Shizuoka, Yame, Kyoto, Nara…)

Date and Time:

Saturday 3/10/2012 – Sunday 3/11/2012 10AM-4PM


Green Tea Wazuka Town, Soraku District, Kyoto Prefecture

Shuttle bus to event location will be available from JR Kamo Station

Admission Fee:

1-Day Admission – 1,500 yen

2-Day Admission – 2,000 yen

Event Itinerary

 Tasting and Sale of Teas

Proud to be tasting and selling tea from 30 tea farms from India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, and all over Japan.

View an exhibition of photos of tea producing areas including an exhibit of local costume.

Various events held in glasshouse

Tea Culture Seminars

Calligraphy, Zen meditation, yoga, chess, tea ceremony, tea storytelling, photography

Food Court

Unique tea inspired meals:

Matcha Curry, Green Tea Sweets, Sushi, Ochazuke (rice with tea), and much more

Wazuka is surprisingly near to Kansai

By Car:

  • From Kyoto take Route 24 to Route 163 at Kamo (about 90 minutes)
  • Nara is about half way from Osaka (about 20 minutes)
  • On the way to Nara on Negoya National Highway (about 80 minutes)
  • Convenient from Kamo (about 15 minutes)
  • Route 24 from Nara to Kamo (about 30 minutes)
  • Route 163 from Ueno to Kamo (about 30 minutes)

By Train:

We will be operating a shuttle bus from JR Kamo station to Wazuka。(Taxi fare is about 2,000 yen)

  • From JR Kyoto station: Take the Miyakoji Kaisoku Naraiki line from JR Kyoto to Kizu Station. Transfer to JR Yamatoji Kaisoku line to Kamo Station (approximate journey time: 45 minutes)
  • From JR Osaka station: Take the JR Yamatoji Kaisoku Line to Kamo station (approximate journey time: 65 minutes)
  • From JR Nara station: Take JR Yamatoji Kaisoku line to Kamo Station (approximate journey time: 14 minutes)

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