Tea at high end supermarkets (New York City)

Tea has become increasingly popular in the U.S. in recent years due to the ever growing interest in Eastern cultures along with the belief in the health benefits of tea. Nowhere is this more evident than in New York City, where many varieties of specialty and exotic teas are becoming available in delis, restaurants, cafes, and local grocery stores. New York City is home to the most discerning food lovers and health conscious people. It’s no surprise that teas are in high demand in the Big Apple. It is amazing to look at all the varieties of teas that are now available at the local grocery stores right around the corner. Lipton tea, the stereotypical “American” tea, though still popular, is often only one of dozens, if not hundreds, of varieties available in one grocery store section.

First, we visited the new Fairway on the Upper East Side. Fairway is considered a specialty grocery food store and it is known for carrying great produce and specialty food products at reasonable prices. First, it was surprising to see that they had more than one section of teas. They not only carried many types of the more traditional green, black, and oolong teas, including favorites like roasted hojicha green tea and Earl Grey. But, the shelves also reflected the growing interest in specialty teas that boast unique flavors and health benefits. For example, one shelf carried Revolution brand teas with unique flavors like Orange Chocolate Green Tea and Pomegranate White teas. These unusual combinations reflect the popularity of fruity and sweet teas among Americans.

At Food Emporium, a popular grocery chain in New York City, we see no fewer than sixty different varieties of iced teas on their online delivery site with varieties ranging from regular lemon iced tea to ice cold Japanese green tea to iced honeydew white tea. Americans love their iced teas in the hot summer and New Yorkers are no exception! Perhaps more surprisingly, they also have a great selection of hot teas including chamomile, black teas, green teas, and earl grey. Additionally, they carry specialty teas like matcha green tea powder and sencha tea. On a couple of shelves, they had a wide selection of herbal and medicinal tea including diet, throat care, and super-antioxidant teas. It’s clear that Americans not only enjoy drinking teas, but believe that teas can be beneficial to their health and appearance.

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