Wazuka’s Tea Field as World Heritage

Kyoto prefecture has started feasibility study to register Uji tea culture to World Heritage. Kyoto will inspect the cultural value of Uji tea’s history and manufacturing process, tea culture and landscape of tea field. Accordingly Wazuka town will enact an ordinance to maintain landscape this year.

Wazuka’s landscape in a stamp

On the top of a tea field hill near Obubu office is an old grave. This small and humble grave was made for a son of a famous Emperor Shoumu (A.D.701-756)

In front of the grave stands a notice board. It was put up by the Imperial Household Agency .

It says.

・Please do not enter here without permission!
・Please do not hunt any birds and animals!
・Please do not take away any plants!

As you know “Simple” is the key word to Japanese culture.

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