Morawaka Estates Co (Pvt) Ltd

Morawaka Estates Co (Pvt) Ltd

Farm Website:
Farmer / President: Sumedha E. Kulatunga
Contact email:
Farm Address:
Morawaka Estate,
Sri Lanka
Farm Phone No.: 0094412282260
Farm FAX No.: 00942282260
Languages: English


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Farm Information

When were you established? 1933
What altitude are your fields at?
100 mt above mean sea level
What certifications do you have? (ISO, organic, etc.) n/a
How many members do you have? approximately 300
How many members are farm workers? approximately 200
How many members are part-time/contractors? n/a
What is the minimum wage your workers earn? SL Rs. 550 per day
How many acres/fields do you have?
100 acres Tea. 35 of it is old China seedling bushes. The rest is Vegetative propagated clones.
Do you accept visitors to your farm? Yes

Message to the world
We are a family owned farm that has grown tea since 1930 and started manufacturing in 1933. We have continued to improve the methods of production keeping pace with technology. We find that many people throughout the world consume blended teas and do not get to taste the best of the teas we manufacture. So we started looking to sell our good teas directly to consumers or even wholesalers and retailers who have similar plans to provide single origin teas to their respective clients.

Product Information

What type of tea do you grow/process?
Black Orthodox teas from the RUHUNU region of Ceylon tea regions.
Do you grow organic tea? Would you like to explain more?
NO. The high cost of certification and the ensuing loss in the crop is not economical. Further only chemical fertilizer is used parallel to compost. No residual chemical is present in the manufactured tea. No Chemical sprays are used on the foliage as it is not necessary due to absence of pests or diseases.
Tell us more about your tea products
We make three broad groups of teas. Tippy’s or Flowery’s – small particles with plenty of flavour.
Pekoe’s – Pepper corn shaped. Caramaly taste.
Leafy’s – OP, OPA, OP1 all nicely rolled with a malty taste.
Do you ship directly to individual customers? Yes
Are you looking for distributors? Retail partners? Yes