Kurihara Seicha

Kurihara Seicha

Farm Website: www.kuriharatea.com
Farmer blog (2nd son Akio): oragayama.exblog.jp (Handrolling competition 4-time winner! I am in charge of processing and new tea fields.)
Farmer / President: 栗原 吉平 (Kippei Kurihara, 2nd generation farmer)
Contact Email: gyokuro@kuriharatea.com
Contact Person: 栗原 悠次 (Yuji Kurihara)
Farm Address (Google Maps):
4236 Kita Yabe, Yabe-mura, Yame-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture 834-1401, JAPAN
〒834-1401 福岡県八女市矢部村北矢部4236

Farm Phone No.: 0943-47-2073
Farm FAX No.: 0943-33-6005
Languages: Japanese


Farm Information

When were you established? The founder of Kurihara Seicha first started a wholesale tea company in the Hakata district of Fukuoka in 1922. Toward the end of World War II in 1944, he moved to his hometown of Yame, and started his first tea field and factory.
What altitude are your fields at? 300 – 700 meters
What certifications do you have? (ISO, organic, etc.)
Certified Eco-Farmer, Certified by Fukuoka Pref. for farming practices using minimal pesticides and synthetics (F-mark)
How many members do you have? 10 people
How many members are farm workers? 6 people
How many members are part-time/contractors? 5 people
What is the minimum wage your workers earn?
How many acres/fields do you have? About 3 hectares
Do you accept visitors to your farm? Yes. (ITFA visitation application coming soon.)

Message to the World

Product Information

What type of tea do you grow/process? Yame-cha (gyokuro, sencha, shira-ore (kuki-cha), bancha, konacha, black tea)
Do you grow organic tea? Would you like to explain more? No
Tell us more about your tea products
Do you ship directly to individual customers? Yes
Are you looking for distributors? Retail partners? Currently, only small retail partners.