World Tea Farms Festival


 2-Day Festival of a Thousand Tea Farmers and Tea Lovers

All-You-Can-Drink from around the world

India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan (Wazuka, Shizuoka, Yame, Kyoto, Nara…)

Date and Time:

Saturday 3/10/2012 – Sunday 3/11/2012 10AM-4PM


Green Tea Wazuka Town, Soraku District, Kyoto Prefecture

Shuttle bus to event location will be available from JR Kamo Station

Admission Fee:

1-Day Admission – 1,500 yen

2-Day Admission – 2,000 yen

Event Itinerary

 Tasting and Sale of Teas

Proud to be tasting and selling tea from 30 tea farms from India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, and all over Japan.

View an exhibition of photos of tea producing areas including an exhibit of local costume.

Various events held in glasshouse

Tea Culture Seminars

Calligraphy, Zen meditation, yoga, chess, tea ceremony, tea storytelling, photography

Food Court

Unique tea inspired meals:

Matcha Curry, Green Tea Sweets, Sushi, Ochazuke (rice with tea), and much more

Wazuka is surprisingly near to Kansai

By Car:

  • From Kyoto take Route 24 to Route 163 at Kamo (about 90 minutes)
  • Nara is about half way from Osaka (about 20 minutes)
  • On the way to Nara on Negoya National Highway (about 80 minutes)
  • Convenient from Kamo (about 15 minutes)
  • Route 24 from Nara to Kamo (about 30 minutes)
  • Route 163 from Ueno to Kamo (about 30 minutes)

By Train:

We will be operating a shuttle bus from JR Kamo station to Wazuka。(Taxi fare is about 2,000 yen)

  • From JR Kyoto station: Take the Miyakoji Kaisoku Naraiki line from JR Kyoto to Kizu Station. Transfer to JR Yamatoji Kaisoku line to Kamo Station (approximate journey time: 45 minutes)
  • From JR Osaka station: Take the JR Yamatoji Kaisoku Line to Kamo station (approximate journey time: 65 minutes)
  • From JR Nara station: Take JR Yamatoji Kaisoku line to Kamo Station (approximate journey time: 14 minutes)

Tohoku Caravan Day 1: Kickoff, Travel, Dairy Farm

Start of the Tohoku Tea Relief Caravan: Hanamaki – Morioka, Iwate Pref. 花巻~盛岡・岩手県~震災復興お茶キャラバン DONATE | PHOTOS | INFO | Read in Japanese Report Today was mostly a travel day. We arrived from the Kansai (west Japan) area via plane to Hanamaki Airport in Iwate Prefecture, and picked up a few volunteers including our overseas manager, […]

Tohoku Tea Relief Caravan

Let’s warm Tohoku (Northern Japan) with Tea this winter.

tohoku tea relief caravan

In the first 2 weeks of January, 2012, the farmers of ITFA member Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations will be driving around North-Eastern Japan (Tohoku) to warm the people of Tohoku in the cold days of mid-winter with our tea and your warmth. The region is, of course, where the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck in March 2011, and Obubu hopes that their cup of tea will lend a bit of relief to those facing such hardships this winter.

Supporting Members

Supporting Obubu are ITFA members Kinezukas, Ukibe Seicha, Taiwan’s Dignitea, and others.

Send message to disaster victims

Our overseas business partner, Matcha Latte Media, is volunteering to translate your messages and print them on New Years greeting cards to give away at some of the events (depends on how many messages we get). Submit your own message here.


There is a packed schedule, so we’ve put it on a separate page. SCHEDULE


International Tea Farms Alliance (, Director: Yasuharu Matsumoto) and Obubu Tea Plantations (President: Akihiro Kita) will be touring areas affected by the March 2011 earthquake. In the first two weeks of January, 2011 we’ll be travelling from the northern part of Iwate Prefecture to the Kanto Region. We are planning to visit places such as temporary shelters, senior citizens home and many others for this project.

Our project aims to warm the hearts of people in Tohoku in the cold mid-winter months with our tea and to gather together people in Japan and overseas with the same aim to share your warmth with them. It will be something delightful for the communities there who are living in temporary shelters and who have just moved from evacuation areas.

This project is being supported by donated funds collected earlier this year, Obubu’s revenue, and by funds from the ITFA.

Tohoku Tea Relief Caravan Details

We will be traveling south from Tohoku – starting from Tanohata, Iwate prefecture to Tokyo. We will make stops and move by cars. We are still finalizing the details. However, we are still lacking the support and materials such as volunteers, information locations in Tohoku, money and we are still working on our schedule. In other words, everything is still an ongoing process for us. Some of you might ask, “What are we going to do?!” – Our answer is “TEA”. We believe that as long as we have determination, We Can Do This! Let’s do this together!!!

We are currently looking for volunteers to assist us with the Tea Caravan Project

– people who are directly or indirectly affected by the Great Tohoku Earthquake Disaster
– people who have knowledge of the local areas in Tohoku
– people who can help out for at least a whole day
– donations: monetary and/or daily necessities
– individuals who wishes to lend a hand
– companies who would like to do a collaboration with us for this project
– media, press people and sponsors (individuals or corporate)

Further details are still available only in Japanese.

Karakuri Doll

Below  is a tea carrying doll designed in Edo period (19 century)
When you put a cup filled with tea on the the saucer,the doll carries tea to the guest.
When the guest accepts the tea cup ,the doll stops.
When the guest puts the vacant tea cup on the saucer,the doll comes back to you.

2011-09-10 Event: Tea Farmers & Radiation Discussion

Tea farmers in Japan, specifically Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Saitama, and the prefectures directly surrounding Fukushima where the nuclear power plant is located, have had their tea shipments stopped due to radiation contamination.

Founder Matsumoto Yasuharu will be speaking about the establishment and debut of this new non-profit organization amid the global focus on radiation contamination of tea leaves in Japan after the Tohoku Earthquake. Tea farmers from Minami Ashigara, one of the first regions discovered to have radiation contamination above government standards, will also be present to discuss their experience. The ITFA will also be serving tea from tea farms of various regions in Kyoto, Shizuoka, and Fukuoka as well as Taiwan via their Japan distributor.

Event Photos

We are very grateful to have had 15 people attend on location and 10 people via web streaming including several journalists. Thank you very much for listening to our explanations of the current situation regarding tea and efforts to reduce contamination levels. Much thanks also to the restaurant, Yasai Kichi, for providing the venue free of charge.

Yasuharu Matsumoto

World Tea Expo photos

Minako Uehara

Photos in this gallery were taken when visiting tea farmer Minako Uehara and Japan Agriculture officials in Minami Ashigara, where the very first tea shipments were ordered stopped due to radiation contamination. At the even Ms. Uehara spoke about her experience when the tea was first discovered to be radioactive.

Tetsuya Ishiwata

Director of the Kanagawa Prefectural JA Tea Center, Tetsuya Ishiwata, spoke about the efforts that government and research facilities have made to understand how the tea leaves were contaminated. The result of the research: tea leaves absorbed radioactive particles through the photosynthesis process in the leaves, not through roots in the soil. This means that the plants can be cleaned of radioactivity via cutting and disposal of the leaves.
20110910 PDFs