Roasting green tea to make Houjicha

The photo to the left shows me (Obubu’s farmer Akky) with tea leaves in two different baskets with different sized holes in the weave. We use this to sift out dust sized tea leaf particles. By doing this we create higher quality houjicha!

After finishing the sifting, I put the leaves into a roasting machine. The time it takes to roast to perfection changes depending on that day’s temperature and humidity. In order to get it just right, you need to watch the color changes of the roasting leaves with your own eyes, and at the same time, you need to use your sense of smell to get the right timing.

And by doing this you get perfect tasting houjicha!
Mmm…the smell is wonderful (^-^)

Soon, I’ll be starting the harvesting of the nibancha (second harvest). The rainy season is going to be over soon, and summer will really begin then!


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